I am sharing with you what I see, how I feel, my intuition, love of color, shape, movement, beauty and my soul’s expression.  Each painting teaches me that nothing exists separately. The color of the sky, the sun or lack of sun influences each stroke of the painting. One color influences the color next to it and the whole. Each element of the whole effects the other deeply.


I paint to deepen my experience in observation of what is in front of me. For a moment, I leave my preconceptions

and see more clearly; I am present. Each painting talks to me and I listen to what it is telling me that it needs.

Sometimes I take risks with the brush, and sometimes I don’t. Painting involves relationships.  

Relationship between me, the paint, the subject and the painting. Relationship between me and myself. The painting’s relationship with you, the viewer.


Sometimes the relationship is pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes fun, playful and enjoyable. Sometimes, it is  frustrating, irritating, and challenging. I have made a commitment to paint and so I paint with all of the human inner visitors that come along each day. I 

always give it my all and do the best I can in the moment.


May you be moved and receive personal benefit and

moments of fulfillment in viewing my paintings.